Passing Time While Living in a Van

Finding ways to pass the time on the road is more important than you might think. Everyone imagines hiking and rock climbing and awesome Instagram videos will be more than enough to pass the time. But when you’re actually out there on the road, and the initial wave of excitement has passed, you’ll find that you may have a little more time than you thought. Here are some activities that don’t cost a lot, and take up very little space in your campervan.


1. Read

Reading expands the mind and imagination far outside the confines of your van, and offers no limit to what you can learn. If you’re living in your van for financial necessity, you can read about earning money online or building your wealth. If you’ve built your campervan more for the adventurous lifestyle, read about other adventurers to get ideas. Or maybe how to be a better photographer. Either way, we recommend picking up a small, lightweight, and energy-efficient Kindle (as opposed to buying lots of paper-back books). It will pay for itself in the long run and you’ll find yourself not wanting to live without it.


2. Crafts

Lots of vandwellers choose to pick up (or continue) a crafty hobby such as needlepoint, woodcarving, etc. It’s soothing, doesn’t cost much, and many can attribute certain items to a point in their travels. These items can easily be given to new friends or acquaintances along the way as a ‘thank you’ for their help or kindness. With a little planning ahead of time, you may also be able to enter small farmers markets to sell your items!


3. Throw the ball around

Football, baseball, frisbee. Even if you’re traveling solo, you never know the situation you might find yourself in, and a trusty baseball glove can help introduce you to some new friends. I’ve had my Mizuno glove every since I can remember, and always kept it in the trunk of my car, but glad I thought to throw it in the van before we left on our adventure.


4. Exercise

Just because you’re moving around a lot or living in your van doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. No gym memberships necessary. Look into bodyweight exercises that you can do almost anywhere. Many local parks also have public workout equipment and a running track. Living in a confined space can get cramped, and working out ensures that you stay healthy and happy, both physically and mentally.