Ladder Rack for Vans and Trucks – A Buyer’s Guide

From contractors to camper van converters, a simple ladder rack is just about the best addition you can make to greatly increase your overall storage capacity. You can pretty much build anything on top of it, using the basic rack as a foundation for solar panels, cargo storage, or even a seating platform. But as…

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7 Compact Generators For Every Budget

small camping generators review

How we determined the best portable inverter generators: A small, quiet generator is one of the more reliable ways of quickly accessing a power source for your electronic accessories, lights, power tools, and more. Over the past few years, more and more of these “briefcase” generators have hit the market, and at the same time,…

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5 Safe 12V Heating Pad Options for the Road


Nights on the road can get pretty cold, and you might find yourself wanting a 12V heating pad. These electric devices keep a specific area warm and don’t consume TOO much power. Place one on your seat or slip it between the blankets for a heating solution that will keep you warm all night. This…

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The 5 Best Camping Chairs.. that ROCK!

outdoor chair that rocks

Finding a high-quality rocking camp chair can be a difficult and arduous process. There are many makes and models to choose from, leaving you with a lot of research. Don’t waste all that time when you can use our guide of the best folding rocking chairs that keep quality and cost in mind. We’ve taken…

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The Top 4 12V Spotlights – Corded & Cordless!

handheld spotlights for marine or camping

Sometimes, you just gotta know what’s OUT THERE, and that’s where a 12V spotlight, either corded or rechargable, can come in very useful when you’re out in the dark. Handheld spotlights like these are typically larger than your typical flashlight, and they tend to have more power, more “throw” (the reach of the illumination), and…

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Review: Pocket Cocktails from BarCountry

The subject of drinking alcohol in a camper van is actually pretty interesting, and discussed on other online forums and blogs a fair amount – with a little bit of confusion on what’s legal. If your van is your dwelling, (and you’re not driving while impaired!) it should be ok, right? Or is it an…

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Your Guide to the Best 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioners

portable air conditioner for your car

More and more people are looking for portable air conditioning units for cars, RVs and small homes – especially given the recent summer heatwaves. Unfortunately, if you don’t shop carefully (or fully understand how small air conditioners work), you could wind up with a piece of junk. Whether you’re living out of a vehicle or…

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