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Our complete camper van packing list

campervan packing list for a roadtrip

The initial packing list for a roadtrip takes some thought, to be sure you’re not leaving out anything. Tomorrow, we leave with Jean-Claude Ram Van on a month-long excursion through Arizona, Utah, and most of California. We’re excited, to say the least, and as we take inventory and gather some last-minute supplies, we thought we’d…

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WATCH: Resurrecting a forgotten VW

Resurrecting forgotten VW

“Dibs!” Lot’s of people struggle to find the right van. But sometimes you just stumble on one. In the middle of the forest.. It would be a hell of a lot of work restoring this to the fancy conversion vans you see on pinterest, but damn would it be an awesome story.

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Passing Time While Living in a Van

Finding ways to pass the time on the road is more important than you might think. Everyone imagines hiking and rock climbing and awesome Instagram videos will be more than enough to pass the time. But when you’re actually out there on the road, and the initial wave of excitement has passed, you’ll find that…

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The 3 Best Budget Campervan Toilets

dometic rv camper toilet

Let’s talk shit. Poop. There. We said it. Don’t tell us you haven’t been thinking about it. Going to the bathroom while living in a camper van is probably the one thing that can make you miss “normal” living quarters. But there are some solutions available to make you feel a bit more comfortable and…

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BuyitforVANLIFE is alive and running!

Taking the plunge with our '02 Dodge Ram Van 2500

Boom. Sup. To give anyone reading a little background, Kate and I were engaged when we started this van conversion endeavor, and perhaps all of the researching and building acted as a nice break from wedding planning, but our big day went splendidly. And after all the commotion quieted down, we are left with warm…

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